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Addiction Awareness


Sarah Paine Curley

Tuesday, April 25th

Jake Rooney’s Restaurant

Harwich Port, MA

When one hears the word addiction  today, thoughts may immediately go to the international opioid crisis.  There are actually many types of addiction. During our upcoming meeting, we will explore addiction and the underlying reasons why people become addicted. Alcohol, fast food, drugs, sex, sugar, gambling, texting and other technologies— when the desire becomes a compulsion in control of your time, behavior, health and life, you are facing an addiction.

Speaker Sarah Paine Curley, BPW Lower Cape Cod co-president, lives in Wellfleet with her husband, sons, and faithful dog. She is the third of seven children, and that birth order placement earned her a caretaker’s position early on in life, caring for sick siblings and injured animals. Her compassionate nature was helpful going forward— all three of her sons suffer with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a condition also known as “brittle bone disease.” Together, her sons have had more than 300 fractures and a number of surgeries between them. While raising and caring for her sons, she also attended college, graduating from UMass Dartmouth in 1999 with a 4.0 average. An entrepreneurial spirit, she simultaneously grew and managed her successful business, The Furies Cleaning Service and Linen Rentals.  As a young adult, Sarah observed the problems of various addictions among people she knew.  Several years ago, one of Sarah’s adult sons had a serious back injury.  Post-surgery,  the surgeon prescribed OxyContin and her son became dependent on the drug, at first afraid that the pain would come back, but then hooked on it.  He was no stranger to pain, having had over 150 fractures and various orthopedic surgeries before. But this was different.  This powerful drug leads to other more dangerous drugs, and that is the path that his addiction took.

The resulting crisis compelled Sarah to explore the nature of addictions more fully and she will share her findings with you.

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